3 Powerful Ways to Thrive Throughout Life Transitions

Awareness and fortitude are the driving forces of conscious transformation.

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So, what does it take to create major life shifts? One way is through conscious planning and awareness.

Start by being mindful of what goals are important in your life, and how you can achieve them. Additionally, it can be helpful to further solidify any aspirations by writing or typing them out. Something about seeing the visual representation of our ideas makes it easier to think outside the box and consolidate a plan of action.

I’ve found that awareness and fortitude are the driving forces of conscious transformation.

The three steps below have helped me to create a powerful life-shift plan that has continued to serve as a catalyst for change and growth. Whether you hope to modify behaviors, relationships, your profession, or sense of self, if you desire change, give it a try.

1. Consider and set your intention(s). Clearly define where you want to go in life and what changes you’d like to make. Non-specific goal: “I want to have better relationships” vs. a specific goal, “I want to respect myself so that I attract and allow into my life relationships that are supportive and healthy.” Often times, the more specific the intention, the clearer the outcome.

2. Place emphasis on accomplishments. Shift your focus to what you excel in and think of your strengths with a growth mindset, An example: “You can do anything you want and are easily able to gain the skills necessary to achieve your aspirations. Anything that you lack, is attainable.” This is helpful because focusing on accomplishments and strengths makes it easier to create space for healthy self-esteem and increased motivation. Start by thinking of three specific steps you could take to fix the smaller issues in your life. Start small and surround yourself with a supportive tribe.

3. Understand your obstacles and make a deliberate plan to move forward. A powerful way to remain undaunted along your path is to think of strategies before you need them when your thinking is unrushed. It’s also helpful to enlist supportive influences in your life, people you trust and who understand your motivations, maybe they’ve even been when you are. In the future when another quest presents itself, you can pay it forward by supporting and sharing your journey with someone who is on a similar path.

Life changes, transitions, and perception shifts can either empower or disempower. But by creating real strategies that enable us to thrive, we send a powerful message that changes and transitions often happen, whether intended or not, but it does not affect our self-confidence or personhood. We continue to flourish.

I write about self-development, healing, psychology, philosophy, spirituality, animal advocacy & neuroscience. AuroraMEliam@gmail.com

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