Learning to listen to nature’s arboreal allies

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From the depths of my soul to the expansiveness of your heart, thank you

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Forgiveness is the fortuitous key that unlatches our capacity for joy.

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How taking a boredom break can be beneficial

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If you want to be more creative, try…

Exploring the benefits of a care kit

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Try guided meditation

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Valuable insights to procrastinate less, achieve more, and be happier with your output.

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It’s important to know your “why”

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“We should always be asking ourselves: ‘Is this something that is, or is not, in my control?’” — Epictetus

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Benefits discovered on the road to recovery.

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Aurora Eliam, CMP

A freelance writer with a background in animal behavior, journalism, mysticism, philosophy, & psychology. https://aurorae.substack Writing website coming soon!

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