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Perfectionism can be elusive. I didn’t know that I was a perfectionist even though all of the signs were there, including rigidity, increased headaches, impossibly high standards, and a sense of unhappiness no matter what I had achieved.

For example, it was a balmy September day in 2006 when I…

Wikipedia Commons: The Nobel Foundation Pictured: Martin Luther King Jr.

This month I’ve been writing about inspirational figures throughout history and examining how to apply their breadth of knowledge to our lives right now.

And as I twirled the gold-tipped pen in my left hand, held a cup of steaming coffee in the right, I thought, who should I investigate…

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For several years, one of my favorite daily rituals has been taking a walk through our property’s cathedral-like aspen grove intricately interspersed with majestic Douglas-fir trees. These arboreal walks sustain and enliven each day, from the buttery, yellow-leafed spring to the frosty, snow-covered winter.

As I recently weaved my way…

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When you hear the words “pit bull,” you may think of a menacing or aggressive dog from some sensationalized headline — but that could not be further from the truth.

For over 100 years, pit bulls — a breed that humans created — have fallen victim to a negative reputation…

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Do you regularly experience instances that can’t be explained or rationalized? Maybe you wonder if you have psychic abilities, but you aren’t quite sure. Chances are that if you are asking the question, “am I psychic?”, then you probably have extrasensory abilities to predict, sense, or know things.

What is a psychic?

A psychic…

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