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  • Allison


    Engineer by day and writer by night. Here’s to putting myself out there.

  • Adonis Richards

    Adonis Richards

    Writer and poet aspiring to write and create content. Website: adonisinquiry.com

  • Joseph Nightingale

    Joseph Nightingale

  • Vern Cooper

    Vern Cooper

    Queer Redneck. PhD Candidate, Film and TV. I write about whatever comes to mind. Black lives matter and no human is illegal.

  • Sude Hammal

    Sude Hammal

    Psychology undergrad. I write about Writing, Culture, and Psychology. Lifelong learner.

  • Mermaid of Mirage

    Mermaid of Mirage

    I live, I get tired… I write, I feel better... And the cycle goes on and on.

  • Tülay Dilmen

    Tülay Dilmen

    Effective Communication | Professional World | Personal Development — Part-time but wholehearted writer — tuelaydilmen@gmail.com

  • Don Johnson

    Don Johnson

    10 years as a monk, 49 years meditating, 30 years in the shark-infested waters of corporate America | Connect with me on Linked In- https://www.linkedin.com/in/

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