Great points, Jordan Gross and Paul Myers MBA! I think that instant gratification is neither positive nor negative. Rather, it simply is another component of the now. For example, if I heat up a taco and then instantly eat it, that form of instant gratification, can be positive! Like if I instantly fall asleep at 10 pm, another form of instant gratification is seen as positive. But it's only when instant gratification is used in excess like most things or when a negative pattern becomes habitual and starts to be harmful to the psyche. Or when it is paired with the absence of any gratitude for the present moment. I do think that used correctly instant gratification can be another tool that helps us appreciate the present moment exponentially. I like that instant gratification can be seen as a non-acceptance of the present or even a micro-aggression toward what is. Great food for thought and thank you both for the discussion! More thoughts, anyone?? I love this type of deep-diving into abstract concepts!

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