I agree with this, Lucy (the egg girl). It is never acceptable to condone racism. Your comment has me thinking about how acceptance is never a pardon or condoning but a choice to choose inner-peace.

My family watched the musical, “Hamilton” this weekend, and although I loved the music, I found myself feeling deep sadness for the people that were destroyed and/or silenced, so the founding father’s vision could come to pass. I am part of a tri-racial isolate (Native American, and African American, and White/Melungeon), and many of my family members were killed or forced into hiding when America was repopulated during the time of Hamilton. Many still live hidden in the mountains. Your comment reminded me of this because I really had to think about how, by accepting what happened, I can still ache for the cultures and tribes lost, but I refuse to let it infringe upon my inner-peace — anymore.

I don’t know how pertinent this is, but it’s my experience. And I have a great hope for a better, equal, and more enlightened world. May you be well, my friend. ❤

A freelance writer with a background in animal behavior, journalism, mysticism, philosophy, & psychology. https://aurorae.substack Writing website coming soon!

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