Rewrite Your Story and Change Your Life

It’s up to us to rewrite and reimagine our own story.

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Our story is made up of many different chapters that sum up our experiences and the meaning we have given to these past situations and events. The chapters chronicle the ups and downs of life and everything else that exists in our narrative.

We are constantly retelling our story every day, and at times, we tell our story to others using an internal dialogue that reflects past experiences. Remember each thought, behavior, and action can recreate and affirm our story regardless of whether it is self-supporting or self-sabotaging.

This means that, that we each have the power to create, edit and recreate our story time and time again, it’s our story. And because everyone has unique life experiences and a different path, it makes sense that each of us is in charge of navigating our journey. It’s up to us to rewrite and reimagine our own story.

There’s no doubt that our unconscious and dormant memories and emotions unknowingly motivate our actions and thoughts, so what’s the first step to change your internal story or dialogue?

One realization that shaped my viewpoint is through acknowledging that it is possible to change how we perceive and regard past experiences. It’s especially true of perspectives that lead to disempowerment or an unsupportive internal script.

Take this story I once heard about twin brothers who were neglected by their parents growing up.

One brother turned to gangs and crime. The other brother made the most of what he had, figured out ways to empower himself and went on to have a successful and loving life.

Later in life, both brothers were interviewed and when asked the question “Why did you end up where you are now?” their response was identical: “After all the things, I went through, after everything I got through, how could I have turned out any other way?”

The takeaway of this story is that at any moment in time, we each have a choice to rewrite our story in a way that empowers us with room to edit and recreate at any time. We can change how we interpret situations and re-structure our future in a way that allows us to thrive. There’s no right or wrong way to do this and each perspective is as valid as the next.

In my experience, I’ve found that it also helps to be mindful of where and what I’m focusing on. We always have a choice of what we give our attention to, whether it’s the negative things in life or the positive things that fill us with gratitude, and that can lead us to increased opportunities, joy, and satisfaction. At any moment in time, we each have a choice to re-write our story in a way that empowers us with room to edit and recreate at any time, changing the interpretation. It truly is possible to restructure our future in a way that is in line with self-supportive authenticity and true joy.

So what does it mean to rewrite your story? Rewriting your story means that you use introspection to explore why we sometimes blame others for the undesirable things in our lives. Whether it’s missing out on the promotion or a failed relationship, it helps to take an honest look at any lingering resentment and take responsibility for our lives. It can be helpful to think of a situation from a different perspective by acknowledging the wonderful things have happened as a result of not getting what we wanted at the time. It might be hard in some instances to find the positivity, but with practice, it is attainable. Examples of this could be, “you don’t get the promotion, but you regain your health” or “x y, or z doesn’t work out, and that’s ok because you have a loving family.”

In turn, rewriting our story helps us get in touch with and organize our thoughts and emotions. And this is beneficial because it allows for a change in perspective and it increases how well we know ourselves and what we need to thrive and sustain positive changes.

It’s an ever-evolving process to sustain conscious habits that enable us to continually find opportunities within every challenge and to continually rewrite our story. Each re-write is a beautiful reflection of our current journey. I’ve noticed that, each time I re-write my story I end up with a narrative that reflects increased authenticity, love, and compassion for myself and others.

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I write about self-development, healing, psychology, philosophy, spirituality, animal advocacy & neuroscience.

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