Thank you for writing this, Amy Cottreau. I found myself nodding along with every single line and could have highlighted the entire article.

I identify deeply with invisible chronic illness. I’ve been living with chronic pain for most of my life but it became so severe 10 years ago that. I had to change my life/career. You are not alone. ❤ I’ve been diagnosed with several pain/arthritis/autoimmune disorders and most days I do pretty well- when I’m aware of how many spoons I have left. But this past weekend I went on a 2-hour hike and this has put a flare in motion. But at this point, I know just what to do, stop everything I can, and rest, rest, rest.

Anyway, I just want to say that you are a hero, for raising your daughter with chronic pain!! And also I have degenerative disc disease, and I use Kinesio tape on my neck so I can drive and be active. Just thought I would mention it, because it really helps me. It’s not a cure, but the ability to hike again is life-sustaining.

Big hugs to you, my friend. And thanks so much for writing this, it brightened my day, and now I don't feel as alone!

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