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For several years, one of my favorite daily rituals has been taking a walk through our property’s cathedral-like aspen grove intricately interspersed with majestic Douglas-fir trees. These arboreal walks sustain and enliven each day, from the buttery, yellow-leafed spring to the frosty, snow-covered winter.

As I recently weaved my way through the fairy-tale land of flora and fauna, I started to think about how the interconnectedness of trees acts as a metaphor for life and the collective interconnectedness of every living (and even non-living) species.

I remembered how, shortly after we moved into our cabin surrounded by towering conifers, my…

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We live our lives through lessons, some harder than others, and life has a curious way of teaching us lessons that we would never learn otherwise, bathing us with all-subsuming wisdom. Many of life’s lessons we would rather skip over or fast-forward, but that is exactly what makes life such a terrific teacher.

And as the sun begins to set on my fourth decade and a new dawn arises in the fifth, I took some time to reflect on my many lessons learned while joyfully anticipating the lessons to come — and because I am an imperfect human being, there…

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We all want more happiness. Those who are already happy would like to be even happier. A life filled with happiness is a worthwhile goal and readily achievable.

But happiness isn’t just about the big things. There are many smaller aspects that color and shape our lives, whether by adding or subtracting.

Research studies have found that how happy we are in our relationships has a powerful influence on our health. Robert Waldinger, director of one such study and a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, says, “Taking care of your body is important, but tending to your relationships…

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Two weeks ago, as I prepared for a four-day Nature Immersion (camping and spending every precious, sun-drenched moment outside), I had one of the worst, most excruciating headaches that I’d had in years. In fact, the past month has seen me with a prolonged migraine every week and without adequate medicine.

As I went through this torture and missed self-imposed writing deadlines, I kept close in my heart that I needed to send out a gratitude-drenched letter of appreciation to my readers on Medium.

It kind of sounds strange, once I type it out: “my readers.” The main thing is…

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In the aftermath of being wronged, forgiveness can seem like an elusive, almost fantastical notion. Whether facing infidelity in a relationship, betrayal by a friend, or any other type of pain from the past, it can feel unfair that we have to do the work to find forgiveness and move past it.

And even though it is supremely difficult, it is entirely possible.

Here’s how to start.

First, you feel the aching sting, the shame, and the ever-present pain of holding on to the past. …

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Weekly Reading

This is a reading for the week of September 20, 2021. The goal of this is to deepen spirituality, receive helpful guidance, and have fun! No religious convictions necessary; just love.

Have an open mind and always call in the light, your angels, guardians, or whatever or whomever resonates with your belief system. There are no wrong answers here and no absolutes in tarot.

Clearing the deck, lighting the sage, and the first card is:

The Snake Medicine Card from the Animal Medicine deck. This is a type of Oracle card used for the same purpose as tarot cards, such as giving readings exploring oneself and divining the future.

Photo courtesy of Bettmann/CORBIS. Nikola Tesla (1857–1943)

Nikola Tesla was one of the most radical rule-breakers of science and is considered by many as the greatest inventor in human history. Science enthusiasts remember the engineer and physicist as one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, blending brilliance with the bizarre to give us free wireless energy, death rays, earthquake machines, remote controls, and green power.

But when Tesla relocated his lab to Colorado Springs, many locals feared that he was a danger to the community.

Tesla’s Secret Experimental Laboratory in the Springs

In 1899, Tesla was a curious 43-year-old with a monumental idea: Transmitting unlimited amounts of power to any place on…

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When you hear the words “pit bull,” you may think of a menacing or aggressive dog from some sensationalized headline — but that could not be further from the truth.

For over 100 years, pit bulls — a breed that humans created — have fallen victim to a negative reputation. But there is hope on the horizon, as people and organizations in Colorado Springs and beyond work to shift the public’s perspective on this misunderstood breed.

“Pit bulls are the number one surrender that we see at our rescue,” says Bill Rodriguez, Director of No Hound Unhomed. “Most of it…

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Do you regularly experience instances that can’t be explained or rationalized? Maybe you wonder if you have psychic abilities, but you aren’t quite sure. Chances are that if you are asking the question, “am I psychic?”, then you probably have extrasensory abilities to predict, sense, or know things.

What is a psychic?

A psychic has a strong sense of intuition or sixth sense that enables them to know or see beyond their physical surroundings. Unusual experiences and extrasensory perception are part of daily life for psychics. And many of us have psychic gifts that largely go unnoticed.

Think about when you have a hunch…

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About a year ago, I heard a clarion call to start sharing tarot card readings, offering love, guidance, and support through our kaleidoscopic world. I didn’t listen at first, brushed it off for a year, but like all things divine, the call didn’t let up.

Maybe you’ve had a similar experience. Something keeps coming up within you or around you, calling out, weaving its way through the tapestry of your soul, whispering through the willow and the sands of time, just waiting for you to take a chance and listen.

So why not take a chance? Our human hunger for…

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